Vaping the weed instead of actually smoking it is a lot better for the user’s health. One of the benefits you can get from vaping is its discreetness and portability, but it can give you the most of the flavor and the hit effects.

Aside from that, there are already researches who have proven that vaping is 95% better than smoking, especially when it comes to health.

Is vaping better for you than smoking?

In smoking, you are actually burning the substance that is why you will be producing tar and other harmful chemicals. This is the reason why studies advise users to use vape pens in consuming marijuana because it would be 95% better, safer, and healthier than smoking it. Vaporization is also advisable to those who use marijuana for medical purposes.

Vaping also help the user be discreet. It produces less smoke or no smoke at all, that is why they can be used even in public areas.

When you quit smoking and then start vaping, make sure to just reduce the nicotine content in your e juice and not totally remove it because your body would always want to have nicotine and cutting it out completely would make you crave for more. Just take it out slowly and eventually you will be having a nicotine free e juice.

What does vaping do to your lungs?

There might be no research proving that smoking marijuana can directly cause lung cancer but smoking, at any instance is not really good or healthy for you.

Burning or smoking marijuana still generate tar and other carcinogens that can actually makes the lungs irritated and may lead to serious lung illness such as bronchitis.

Vaporizers, on the other hand, are made to solve this problem. Heating or cooking the marijuana, not to the extent of burning it, produces vapor that can be inhaled. Rest assured that the vapor contains the active medical compounds of marijuana such as cannabis and the harmful substances are not present.

The vapor of the cannabis is said to 95% smoke free. Vaporizing also boosts the anti-inflammatory terpenoids that has the quality to protect the lungs from any irritation.

Is vaping bad for you?

Vaping is not bad for you! This is because dry herb vaporizers do not burn the substance rather, they just cook it resulting to no or less smoke. When the weed gets burned there would be toxins and carcinogens released that can cause undesirable lung infections when inhaled by the user.

Vaping actually just heats the weed but not burning it. And since there is no burning involved, no hazardous chemicals or substances released. You will not be inhaling the harmful materials. You will only be inhaling the flavored vapor from the e juice.

Therefore, vaping is safer than smoking but you need to be very careful as to some vape pens have nicotine content in them that might be bad for you when taken too much.

Are vapes worse than cigarettes?

Vapes actually do not come to the market and the user are 100% safe. But experts have found out that vapes are 95% better than cigarettes, Better in the sense of health risks. Vapors from vapes actually has the same chemicals present in tobacco smoke but their quantity is much lesser than what the tobacco smoke produces.

The only thing that vapers need to take note that there are no regulations from the government about vapes being sold online. This is the reason why they should be very careful in buying vapes online because they might be buying the one that would give them problems in the future.